Clemency for Sterling J McKoy

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In June 2004, a jury found  Sterling McKoy #19319047, along with his co-defendant, Rashod McKay guilty of conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine in the federal district court of Nebraska, criminal case No. 8:03CR290.  At trial, the federal government presented no controlled buys, surveillance, wiretaps, no credible evidence whatsoever in support of their theory that Sterling nor Rashod McKay was involved in a conspiracy to distribute drugs. They presented only individuals who  testified against them in exchange for receiving substantial reductions in their sentencing.  All of the cooperating witnesses were in fact, released from prison over a decade ago.  All nine of them!  Even Rashod was released this year. Furthermore, there were no Federal Agents involved in the investigation of his case. Only Omaha police officers who secured statements from cooperating witnesses, who then turned those statements over to a federal prosecutor.  From there, the federal prosecutor had  2 police officers testify in front of a federal grand jury (not of his peers) securing a federal indictment. His charges started out as a State case, but was dismissed so they could use it against Sterling to claim he was involved in a 100 kilogram crack cocaine conspiracy. Did I mention there was absolutely no assets or drugs ever recovered.  He was so poor, he had a public defender which only assisted in railroading this kid to years in prison because he refused to take a plead. Officer Gassaway had a personal vendetta against my nephew and fabricated and falsified  evidence in his case which was proven by an independent public investigated  several years ago. There was several of Officer Gassaway convictions over turned by the courts except Sterling. It’s obvious someone has their finger on the scale in his case in Nebraska. 14 years in long enough for a first time non-violent felony drug offense. It makes no sense what so ever that Rashod was released and he is expected to serve the entire 25 years.  He has spent his time educating himself and helping other inmates.  He has petition the courts for a release and reduction in his sentencing and all have been denied.  He has lost his beloved mother and fragile time with his children and is expected to serve another 11 years. (release date 6-9-2029) Please help. God hates un-even scales. He deserves to be released now.  #freesterlingnow, thank you for your support, God bless you!

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