Do we really need 500+ politicians to rule us ??? - think once

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1. Youth should be focussed in politics what is the need of that much of ministers for us r they really worthy enough ?? 

2. If the age to vote is 18 , why not the same age for being a part in elections if the 18 years old person has enough maturity to select the leader why can't he/she become a leader

3. For selecting in UPSC ( IAS,IPS...) the scrutinisation will be very high why cant it be happen in politics why there is no particular order for a parlimentary members

4. Some of the ministers even cant able to pronounce the words properly r they really capable enough

5. Why cant we have a president rule like in USA ?? Educated people should get into politics . Though there are many illetarates who are capable enough let them come 

6. If a person take money to vote think once in one place how much money will be spent and the person who had spent will try to recover it within 5 years.

7. A true leader is who will be a follower towards truth and make others to grow as a leader not a person who have a huge foolish followers.

8. I'm not telling everything to be changed at once but " FIRST YOU BE A CHANGE "


I hope that day will come soon... Lets raise the voice against this mistakes and join the movement for a better # INDIA #