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Please Keep Drew and Sam aka #Dream Together! We Want #Killy To Remain Intact Please!

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Firstly we want to thank you for giving us our beloved and awesome show "General Hospital"!  General Hospital has some of the most loyal and wonderful fans than any other Daytime American Soap Opera. The Cast and Crew are phenomenal as well. We treasure them as the jewels that they are.

That being said...

When the news broke that there would be a "Who is Jason Morgan" storyline, many fan bases were in an uproar and it remains so. There has been constant fighting, bullying and character assassinations of some the most popular Actors and Actresses on #GH. This storyline has helped with ratings but it has also caused a riff between the fans and how they feel about some of the characters and the Actors and Actresses who portray them. Fiction has crossed over into reality and many fans have taken the path of bullying which is not good for the show or the network overall.

Fans of Steve Burton have gotten what they wanted and have bullied other fans over: Giving Steve back the role that he originated on #GH. That's fine. He got it. They got what they wanted. Now it's time to give Billy Miller fans something as well. Because to cause an uproar between fans with a storyline such as the one that we currently have, and not give the other half something would be a huge mistake.

Billy  Miller and Kelly Monaco fans have invested three years into their onscreen coupling and they want them to remain as a pairing. We love the moniker #Dream. Thanks for that. Now, #Killy Fans want them to remain an onscreen coupling. All of the fans deserve some type of happiness. Give #Dream and #Killy fans something as well. We want Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco's onscreen pairing to remain intact. Thank you for everything. Thank you for giving us our beloved..."General  Hospital"


Fans of Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco aka #Dream aka #Killy

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