Let's Bring Blake Gibbons "Coleman" Back To General Hospital! #FloatingRib

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Blake Gibbons won the hearts of "General Hospital" fans with his role as "Coleman". This past weekend in Glendale, California proved how much Blake Gibbons is loved, revered and missed.

The character of "Coleman" is just as important a fixture in "Port Charles" as Jake's...Kelly's and the Floating Rib has become. The fans were so excited to see Blake during the General Hospital Fan Club Weekend 2018 Past Cast event in Glendale, California on July 29th. The fans want some familiarity with the #GH of yesteryear. They are craving it!

Please bring Blake Gibbons "Coleman" back to the canvas of GENERAL HOSPITAL. The ratings and the fans demand it.

Thank you kindly with much respect,

General Hospital Fans


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