Reverse Alcohol and Tobacco Restrictions during level 4 lockdown

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Every country in the world has restrictions but none as hard as in South Africa. Its difficult for all of us to live with Corona, loosing jobs, no money, industries going bankrupt, missing friends and family.... but we don't want to be handled like children.

Alcohol abuse is bad, no doubt, but who wants to drink will find a way. A black market for sale of Alcohol is growing. The majority are not alcoholics, they just enjoy a glas of wine or a beer!

Smoking is not healthy, like many other things, but doesn't cause aggression and it is a habit for many people and no one needs in such hard times a government how tries to educate the whole population on their habits....

Most important: South Africas finances are a disaster. At least the sale of Alcohol and Tobacco will bring billions of Rand to the tax office!!!

We are living in a democracy with a great constitution. Don't take all our rights away because of a terrible virus. The South Africans have not forgotten the Apartheid times, we do not want it reinstalled by telling the people whats good or bad for them!!!