Open the Church for essential services -prayer & counselling

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We believe that the spiritual wellbeing of people is indeed a much-needed essential service and appeal to the government to give people access to this service by allowing the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God to offer spiritual counselling, and by allowing people to come to the Church to pray.

We receive hundreds of calls every day from our members and the general public, in urgent need of these services. They are desperate for counselling, for spiritual guidance concerning their fears and frustration, and they desperately need to come to church to pray.  Those who are in the frontline of this raging war against this pandemic need a place to offload and to recharge their spirit, so that they can continue offering their indispensable services. 

No consideration has been given to the equally necessary and vital importance of our people’s mental health, their deepest needs for prayer and counselling in times such as these. 

Our people are suffering and crying out to us for help. They need to pray, to speak to God, to renew and strengthen their faith. Allow those who are at the end of their rope to go to the house of God to speak to someone about their desperation, fears and needs. 

Our churches can readily be sanitised, enforce the wearing of masks and ensure the strictest implementation of social and physical distancing.

Allow us to reach out to offer the kind of spiritual comfort and support that is as vital to life as the air we breathe. 

No gatherings will be held, no services will be conducted. People will only go into the church to pray or receive one-on-one counselling, and we will adhere to the regulations set out by the government.

"Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick.” Mark 2:27