Miami University Should Discount 2020-2021 Tuition Fees Due To COVID-19

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As was noted by a student signing a similar petition calling on NYU to discount their tuition due to a move towards online classes, "zoom university is not worth 50k a year." As much as the professors at Miami University try, they will never be able to make an online course as effective and in-depth as in-person schooling. 

Many students and their families have gone through extensive economic hardships because of COVID-19 and therefore cannot afford to keep paying Miami's high price tag. Though Miami has previously refunded students' room and board payments, those of us that live in off-campus housing received little to nothing in the spring after being sent home 2 months early without access to the facilities, technologies, and in-person courses we were paying tens of thousands of dollars a semester for.

We should not have to take a gap year to receive the proper education we're paying for. Online courses are unavoidable as COVID cases in America continue to skyrocket- but they should not cost the same price as in-person courses.

Please sign this petition to get the attention of President Crawford and those at Miami that can make a difference. We shouldn't have to settle for economic injustice.