Keep Karen Hamilton on Faculty at Concordia College

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Karen has SO many students, and we're very worried about where all of her remaining students will be displaced to. Especially because we require all of the singers in the Concert Choir to take voice lessons. Many of these students study with Karen because they don't need the rigor of being in one of the other more classical studios like Dr. Janz or Peter Halverson etc. Karen has provided good vocal pedagogy for these students that aren't here to study private voice as a vocation, but are as a means for expression.

We are worried about the rest of our faculty having to pick up all of these extra students. Students who could very well be problems for these professors because they have too much going on outside of their voice studio to be spending hours weekly individual study.

Dr. Rene Clausen has always said that those students in the choir who aren't majors are some of our biggest strengths. We have always agreed and appreciated this sentiment from and ultimately, we are worried about losing some students because they can't, or even are unwilling to take these more rigorous lessons. And that would be extremely hurtful to us.