Save Commencement at CSULB

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Restore the 2018 and future CSULB commencements to their original form on the upper quad with music. 

Currently the 2018 commencement is set to be much different than the continued tradition of CSULB commencements. The new commencement is slated to have no live music, altering of the location from the Quad to the Athletic Soccer Field, and an increase in the time of ceremony at the expense of time spent on each individual student. Students deserve to have a nice a commencement after years of hard work to earn their degrees. There are better ways for CSULB to save money. 

This change has an effect countless students and families. Well over 10,000 students walk in commencement and some 70,000 + friends and family come to share in the festivities and joy of graduation. This diminishing of the production quality and value of commencement has a very public and negative effect on how CSULB is viewed and affects many people. CSULB should prioritize putting their best foot forward. CSULB should prioritize their students. CSULB should be celebrating their students who have obtained academic success.  

CSULB gave little notice of these changes to the student body and staff. Students imagined getting to walk in the beautiful quad of the campus that they have called home with the background of all of the sculptures, art, and nature prominent in the heart of campus. Instead students will be walking with a parking structure as their background with the new commencement held at the soccer field. 

Restore CSULB's commencement to what it was and what it should be. Move the commencement back to the central quad; bring back live music from our distinguished music conservatory; give the students the few minutes of joy to celebrate what they have been working so hard for. Give our students the treatment they deserve!  

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