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President, Congress, Senate, House of Rep.: Politicians lose pay until Gov is restored!!

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Our Politicians need to get their act together and pass the Budget, and open the Government!! On October 2013 the Government got Shut Down!! Hundreds of thousands of Government workers  have been furloughed, some sent back to work with an IOU, Veterans are worried about not getting checks and benefits, many people are worried about their Social Security, EVERYONE is worried about paying their bills!! 

I am starting this petition requesting that NO politicians get a paycheck until the budget is passed and the Government is opened!! Everyone goes back to work, nobody has to worry about their benefits, and we all can move on!! I am requesting that each Politician either gives up their paycheck, OR it gets taken away!! For each day the Government is shut down, and budget isn't passed... The Politicians do NOT get paid!! Their staff does NOT get paid either. If we the people do not get paychecks or our benefits, neither should thEy. 

Signing this petition will show the Government that we are serious!! We want our Country back!! We will NOT stand for this, we will NOT sit back without our pay while they enjoy their paychecks paying THEIR bills, supporting THEIR families and enjoying THEIR days while the rest of us live in panic!! 


**please sign and pass on. I chose not to put stats and what all has been impacted due to the very Long list that changes daily**

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