Reduce Tuition Costs at TAMUCC in Response to COVID-19

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Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi (TAMUCC) is classified as a minority-serving institution. As a result, a majority of the students enrolled at TAMUCC are students of color, low-income and first generation college students. All of which are groups that are significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the status of the institution and those that it serves, the majority of the student population has been and will continue to be significantly affected by the conditions arising during these unprecedented times, especially their education.

The purpose of this petition is to reduce the cost of tuition due to the online education system (hybrid or not), and the lack of accessibility to many of the resources and amenities that are typically provided by the campus facilities. The argument has been brought up that these facilities and programs are still accessible and running, but it is quite evident that the limitations due to the pandemic still hinder the appropriate full utilization of these resources.

TAMUCC students demand that the cost of tuition fully reflects the resources and opportunities that are available to the students.

The students at TAMUCC are not requesting the impossible, nor the unimaginable. Universities across the country have reduced the cost of tuition by at least 10-15% because they acknowledge that the level of education, resources and opportunities will not be up to the same standards as they once were.

Contributed by: Carlos Vela & M.G.