Reform the Nigeria Immigration Service at Ikoyi: Stop corruption & use modern technology.

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At the Nigeria Immigration Service, Ikoyi, officers practice tribalism, nepotism, preferential treatment, bribery, and corruption by giving preferred applicants passports and the PCO claims he doesn't know about it.

Hundreds are hopelessly packed, some under the sun, begging and waiting for the passports they PAID for. Some wait from morning till evening and leave hopeless to return early the next morning. This is happening in an age where a simple #4 text message can be sent informing applicants that their passports are ready for collection.

The officers give so many excuses, one common excuse is that the booklet is not available! Why will booklets not be available when these applicants have paid money charged? The annual report of NIS last year (2017) says they generated over #35 billion Naira, yet there is no booklet! 

Another common excuse is that the "payment made have not dropped", this should be investigated. Payment made will not be confirmed until maybe after a month or two! In this 21st century, this is unbelievable! While payment confirmation is being delayed, money can possibly be diverted, this requires EFCC investigation.

The officers are not human-friendly at all; an officer at the servicom says it takes roughly 6 months for a passport to be produced! They also seize the files of applicants who dare to challenge the corrupt system.