Create 1 guaranteed in-person class for International Students at Boston University

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On Monday July 6th, 2020, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced that all F-1 visa holders (all student visas) will have to leave the United States and have their visas revoked if they are unable to attend at least one in-person class this Fall semester, despite many colleges and universities opting for a fully online semester or academic year. This also comes with the condition that this class will be an in-person class for the entire semester, and if at any point becomes an online class, and international students are unable to fulfill their one in-person class requirement, they will be deported. This decision puts tremendous strain on international students and prevents many of them from making plans regarding their future for this coming academic year. No student should have to worry about possible deportation along with all of their academic responsibilities.  

We are asking Boston University to develop one class exclusively for international students that will be guaranteed to be an in-person class for the entire semester; and, if need be, that this class can be added as a 5th credit and free of charge. This would guarantee that all international students will be able to fulfill their visa requirement and continue their education in the United States without the constant stress that they may have to withdraw from their education entirely and leave the country. It would also ensure that international students do not have to forfeit credits or classes that they need for their intended degree.

Boston University's student body was over 23% international students in 2018, and the same year, College Factual ranked BU as among the top ten universities in the United States for popularity among international students. We implore this community to sign to facilitate this small change enabling these thousands of driven and brilliant individuals to continue to enrich our thoughts, our communities and our nation.