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Elder people who posses a driver license to be retested on a yearly basis

We are asking for your signature to prevent any more young lifes to be taken away by elder drivers....inorder to prevent such young lifes to go so young we ask that after the age of 60 there should be a mandatory retesting and reveluation of those who hold a driver license....On March 29, 2012 just a few blocks away from home, Edward Tsimerman aka Eddie Knuckels, 38, of South Beach Staten Island...was hit by a 78-year-old man...Edward Tsimerman was employed by Cantor Fitzgerald in the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, and managed to escape...however, this time Edward was unable to escape with no harm...Edward was known as a loving family man and and very dear friend to many...he was described as a "brother"...Edward volunteered alot to his community...he did a lot with the March of Dimes for Bikers for Babies with Dean Schneider, with pride and joy...Edward was survived by his beloved wife and two kids 18 & 4 and his parents...and ofcourse his friends that referred to him as a "brother" honor of our "brother" Edward aka Eddie Knuckels lets demand that elder people from ages 65+ get retested and revaluated yearly to avoid anymore tragedies on the road..

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  • President Borough of Staten Island, Mayor Bloomberg, President Obama

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