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There is a bipartisan recognition that the country is at a four-decade low in new business startups—a slow moving economic disaster that has developed during good and bad economic times.

The COVID pandemic has made the problem worse.  While requests for Employer Identification Numbers at the federal level have increased dramatically in 2020, this did not translate into new business startups at the local level.  For example, a survey in South Carolina found that new business licenses requested from local units of government were down 31% in 2020 from the same months in 2019.

Our nation’s aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners—particularly minorities and women in underserved communities—need strong, singular national leadership to break down barriers to starting and growing small businesses.

Small business owners are calling for the SBA to be given an expanded mission, authority, and resources to lead the effort to make the changes we need to grow the nation’s small businesses. Sign the petition to show support for the recommendations listed in the Reform the SBA campaign.