March 4, 2022
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Started by Galina Burkovskiy

Dear Mr. President,

We are appealing to you as a large group of US citizens with family ties and roots in Ukraine and former Soviet Union who are connected by common respect for democracy and democratic values – your constituents, who voted and continue to vote for Democratic Party of the USA.

This is why we are imploring to you, knowing that you have been upholding and promoting these values your whole live.

We value efforts that you along with allies around the globe have achieved so far, to show unified strong support for people of Independent Democratic Ukraine.

If not for this help and the crushing sanctions that you imposed on Putin’s regime, Ukraine would cease to exist by now as an and Independent Democratic country.

However, as the whole world can see, the valiant resistance of Ukrainian forces and ordinary citizens has enraged Putin and his response becomes more aggressive and unpredictable, attacking civilian targets, hospitals, children centers, schools, and now Nuclear Power Plant, one of Fifteen (15!) in Ukraine. His goal with these attacks is to spread fear and inflict pain and enormous suffering on Free Ukrainian people to force them to submission.

Over a million women and children already had to leave their husbands, fathers, sons behind, leave everything they worked for all their lives, and flee to safety on foot, in terrible winter cold. Constant shelling and weapons fires do not allow for food and medicines to be delivered to the ones who stayed in Ukraine. Women deliver children on the floor in the bomb shelters!  Putin’s army is using universally banned weapons that inflict maximum level of destruction against civilian population, against world historical heritage sites! This horrible, unprovoked, and unjust war in the center of Europe is already a Humanitarian catastrophe of proportions not known since the World War II.

Ukraine, this small and valiant country is now a shield between all of us and Putin’s plans to take control of the free world.

We are well aware that Ukraine is not a NATO member country, and all well realize that getting boots on the ground or establishing No Fly zone with NATO may enrage Putin and escalate the war.

However, at this moment too much is at stake. As we already see, Nuclear catastrophe may happen at any moment regardless of the actual use of Nuclear weapons.  The free world can’t just offer hopes and prayers and wait for sanctions to work. As restrictive as they are, it may take months, or years that Ukraine does not have. Millions more will be displaced, killed, millions of houses will be destroyed.

We are imploring to you and other leaders of the free world to find a way to institute a No-Fly Zone, even if without direct involvement of NATO Countries, maybe helping with planes for Ukrainian pilots, with large scale anti-rocket weapons on the ground that can be provided to Ukrainian forces right now? It is clear that if involvement and support is not going to be stepped up the catastrophe will be unavoidable.

This maybe the only path to the ultimate goal – to stop this horrible war, in which so many innocent people already died, and many more have suffered. This maybe the only way to bring Putin’s administration to meaningful peace negotiations with the goal to stop the war and keep Ukraine Democratic and Free.



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Signatures: 873Next Goal: 1,000
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