President Biden: Clemency for Federal Marijuana Prisoners

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CAN-DO has partnered with Mission Green to free cannabis prisoners

Mission Green is an initiative of the Weldon Project that seeks to free cannabis prisoners who are serving draconian sentences passed during the tough on crime, zero tolerance era of the late 80s and 90s.  We have advocated for the freedom of cannabis prisoners for many years but sadly many federal prisoners serving 10 years to LIFE are still incarcerated and some have served over 20 years or more. 

Mission Green has launched a campaign and partnered with the CAN-DO Foundation, celebrities, influencers and other organizations to elevate this cause.  We will be traveling to Washington D.C. to perform a White House vigil and meet with additional influencers to achieve our goal.

Please consider making a donation to cover the costs described in the attached fundraiser.  No donation is too small.  Also, please share this petition with your friends so we can gain more signatures that support the freedom of marijuana offenders.  

Amy Povah, CAN-DO Foundation
2 years ago