Canceling teacher student loans

Canceling teacher student loans

February 4, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Reagan Hignojos

Teachers serve every class of citizen. 

Teachers have become frontline workers with COVID

Teachers impact everyone’s lives.

Teachers are underpaid.

Teachers are not elites.

Teachers sacrifice their own income for their students.

Teachers are a universal necessity for all socioeconomic classes

Teacher shortages are due to low pay high student loan debt.

Teachers are an emotional safety net for children of neglect and abuse which occurs across all socioeconomic classes.

Teachers are often working late or into the evening, conferencing with parents and students, working on lesson plans, or grading.

Teachers take on jobs during their “SUMMER VACATION” to supplement their low income.

Teachers make less than 30% of their peers with similar degrees, and it’s even lower in poorly resourced high need communities.  ***

Teachers have an average of $20k for a bachelors degree and $50k for a Masters degree.   ***

Even with a college degree the teacher preparation and certification costs added and additional cost in the thousands.   ***

Teachers are entering school districts less equipped and prepared because of of the shortage with states granting exemptions or emergency permits which harm student achievement.  ***



The spouses and children of teachers are often the ones who bear the burden as well who watch from the sidelines the effort, sacrifice and faithfulness of their under-appreciated loved one who they are desperate for their attention. 

If anyone deserves student debt forgiveness it’s these people who sacrifice so much so we can become doctors, lawyers, politicians, astronauts, engineers, and dreamers.  


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Signatures: 27Next Goal: 50
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