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President Barrack Obama: VETO the bill legalizing horse slaughter in Oklahoma

Horse slaughter is inhumane and absolutely cruel, their genetics make them hard to kill instantly, they do not react to the stun gun like other livestock, it usually takes multiple tries to kill them, foals that are born unto a slaughter house are throw aside to starve to death. The transportation of horses to these plants is just as cruel, after being hauled who knows how long without food and water they sustain many injuries that go untreated. Also their meat is toxic to humans and other animals because of the medicines antibiotics and other things we horse owners give them (because they are our pets) making them not safe for consumption. Horses deserve to be treated humanely much like our dogs and cats and other companion animal. Please help me in speaking out for the horse, we are the only ones who can speak for them and they need us now more than ever 

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