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President Barrack Obama: Declare the Shrines of Sayeda Zainab(A.S) and Bibi Sakina(A.S) as "No-War" Zones

Make Bibi Zainab(A.S) and Bibi Sakina(A.S) shrines as NO-WAR ZONE to preserve the shrines. These shrines are very important to the history of Islam and are considered holy sites of the world. Sayeda Zainab's Shrine is vital example that women do not belong to weaker section in Islam, Muslim women can stand up to injustice and torture. Sayedda Zainab’s knowledge, oratorical skills, sermons & public role has always been a source of inspiration for Muslim women from 2nd to 21st century. Radical extremists like Wahhabis & terrorists oppress women to the point that even their voices are considered ‘awrah i.e. their voice should not be publicly heard. On contrary after battle of Karbala Sayedda Zainab and other women from Prophet Mohammed’s family were the main public speakers & through revolutionary sermons uprooted evil by exposing the tyrant.
Commonwealth War Graves Commission protects graves of world war hero’s & civilians. We demand President Obama & United Nations to protect the graves & Shrines of hero’s of Islam by declaring the area around their shrines as NO WAR ZONES so truth can forever prevail & radical believes like extremists/Terrorist’s can forever be exposed, unveiled & uprooted from the roots of Islam.


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