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Forest Service must respect Native American ceremonies on public lands.

The Winnemem-Wintu First Nation is being denied the exercise of religious and spiritual ceremonies on ancestral tribal lands currently managed by the United States Forest Service (USFS). The sacred ceremonies being disrupted are coming-of-age rituals for young initiate women. This is a very significant environmental justice struggle and we are still working to get an unjust fine of $10,000 and jail term assessed against Chief Caleen Sisk rescinded. This is not the only case, and other Native American ceremonial practices are being disrupted across the country's public lands which are nonetheless subject to Treaty obligations and federally-reserved indigenous rights.This is also contrary to President Obama's declaration of support for Executive Order 12898 establishing a federal environmental justice policy.

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  • President Barrack Obama and Chief of the Forest Service, Tom Tidell

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