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Petitioning President Barack Obama , Willard Mitt Romney (Republican nominee)

We demand that you stop the persecution of Bradley Manning, Julian Assange.

We demand justice for Bradley Manning and Julian Assange, whose rights of Free speech have been denied. We decry the present practice of our government to “kill the messenger”.
The founding fathers recognized the possibility for abuse of power by our leaders and they included provisions for impeachment in the Constitution. But we have permitted people in power to hide their transgressions under the guise of National Security. We call on our government to appoint independent investigators to examine the evidence brought forth by the messengers and bring the perpetrators of Constitutional violations to justice.
Essential to a democracy is an informed electorate. We call upon our elected officials to refrain from punishing journalists for publishing opposing information. Such repression of free speech is a block to necessary information to the electorate in a Democracy.

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  • President Barack Obama , Willard Mitt Romney (Republican nominee)

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