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"We The People" Demand A New Election Through First Amendment Right to Redress

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Vladimir Putin and the Nation State of Russia working alone and  with House Leader, Congressman Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Donald J Trump (supposed President Elect), members of his staff including Paul Manafort and others schemed to rig the 2016 Presidential Election.   The very foundation stones of our Great Nation are threatened  if the results of this election are allowed to stand.  A nation state interfered with our "Free and Fair" elections, and Donald J Trump and others have more than likely committed the gravest of crime crime against the United States of America...TREASON.  A stolen election denies myself and every American a "Free and Fair election where one person, one vote means something.

For this reason, we the undersigned are using our Right to Redress under the First Amendment to demand the following from the President of the United States, our House of Representatives, and the United States Senate, requesting the following in the form of Remedy:

1.  The entire 2016 Election, and all results (local, state and Federal) be declared null and void due to outside nation state interference in said election with the intent of steering the election in a way that would benefit one party, and more specifically one Presidential Candidate in Donald J. Trump.

2.  That new elections be called for, and completed withing 90 days of this request for redress being granted by the President of the United States and/or the House of Representatives and/or the United States Senate.

3.   That the Department of Justice, CIA and FBI working together fully investigate this intervention into our Election, and that all American Citizens involved in said interference, including Donald J. Trump be charged with the High Crime of Treason against the United States of America.

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