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Tell Huntsville Hospital to focus on my wife, Amber M. Malik's recovery.


Because it's the RIGHT thing to do. Because it's the HUMANE and COMPASSIONATE thing to do. It will re-unite this loving and caring MOTHER with her boys, Alexander and Isaiah, who both have special needs. They need Amber desperately.

Because her husband, Waqas Z. Malik, is dying from the inside. He has lost his will for everything, and without Amber by his side, he will not be around for much longer. As generous and compassionate Amber is, her presence in this world benefits everybody around her. The world needs more people like her.

Corporate entities need to understand that every life is equally IMPORTANT. That the life of every human being is precious! And that corporate interests should never, ever be given priority over somebody's life! 

Tell Huntsville Hospital, Huntsville, AL that the world is watching and that we care about what happens to this beautiful mother and loving wife.

To stop trying to intimidate and force her husband and family to make decisions which are clearly not in Amber's best interest.

To stop trying to force Amber out to a facility where her standard of care, proximity to her children, husband, and family would be significantly affected; and her health would deteriorate.

To have patience and allow SSA's Appeals Council in VA to approve Amber's disability application so that she can continue to receive appropriate care at an appropriate facility in the Huntsville Metro Area where she can have the support, care and love of her husband, children, family and friends.



Phone:  +1 256 665 4169 / +1 256 919 4181

Write:  Amber C/O Waqas Malik, PO Box 5181, Huntsville, AL 35814-5181, USA

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  • Vice-President of The United States of America
    Vice President Joseph Biden Jr.
  • U.S. Senate (AL)
    Senator Richard Shelby
  • U.S. Senate (AL)
    Senator Jeff Sessions
  • U.S. House of Representatives (AL)
    Congressman Mo Brooks
  • President of the United States of America
    President Barack Obama
  • Secretary of the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services
    Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

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