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STOP the name change of 'The 30th Street Station' in Philadelphia, P.A.

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Whether having visited or lived in Philadelphia for a day or one's whole life, we have always known and referred to the most frequented train station, in Philadelphia, P.A., as 'The 30th Street Station'.

Although it may seem simple, it's name certainly holds ginormous value--whether in regards to the ease of finding the station's location, or to the fondest memories it holds from childhood to adulthood. There would simply be too many for one resident to name in this petition. 

It is simple to sign a piece of paper to pass a bill from Washington, D.C., not knowing the value the name actually holds to our people--our city. Without us people, there would simply be no tradition, no worth, no love, for the city of Philadelphia.

My brother is a resident of Washington, D.C., a city where I have frequented 'The Union Station', and it, along with the city, holds very valuable and beautiful history. What if Philadelphia, P.A. was in the position to change the name of 'The Union Station' to 'The Elizabeth Dole Union Station’? For those who do not know who Elizabeth Dole is, she was the Secretary of Transportation who granted a $70 million dollar fund for restoration of the modern station, as we know it today. My point however, is that confusion and dissatisfaction would ensue among the people of Washington, D.C.

There is absolutely no denying what our Philadelphia brother William H. Gray, III, has done for us. Instead of changing the name to one of the most important pieces of history of 'The City of Brotherly Love', perhaps we can negotiate. A monument outside or inside 'The 30th Street Station', with a detailed history engraved in a plaque, in honor of William H. Gray III, would hold more value to our people's knowledge of history as opposed to changing the name to the entire station as 'The William H. Gray III 30th Street Station'. 

I say we do not go back and change history, but rather go forward into the future and create history. Should you take this into consideration, We the People of Philadelphia will also begin a fundraiser to support the finances of building this proposed new monument, if necessary. 

I say please ask the people what they decide, and take it from there.

We appreciate your time and consideration in this matter.


Respectfully Yours,

We the People of Philadelphia

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