Stop "Reverse-Sting" Operations

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My son and thousands of other individuals across the country have fallen victim to a controversial policing tactic called the "Reverse-Sting/Stash-House" operation.  Easily the biggest violation of constitutional rights since "Stop & Frisk", reverse-sting/stash-house operations follow a script (drafted entirely by Federal Agents), that involve imaginary robberies of imaginary drugs. You're arrested and charged for drugs that never existed. No real drugs or stash-house, just real time!!! Defendants are receiving an average Mandatory Minimum sentence of 15 years in these type of cases.

At a cost to taxpayers of over $400K per defendant, society must determine if prosecuting made-up crime is worth it. We want the White House to abolish the use of these tactics, and release those that have fell victim to them. We need 100,000 signatures in order to get an official response from Congress and could use your help!!! Click here:  to sign the petition, and log onto www.ReverseSting.Org for the whole story & testimonies from those that have fell victim. Also, follow us on IG-@reversestingawareness Twitter- @ReverseStingOrg. Or email us @

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          Alida Egipciaco
(Mother of a Reverse-Sting victim)