Petition Update

Great News! President Obama is Committing to Combating Poaching!

sharon arnold
penngrove, CA

Jul 3, 2013 — From Wildlife Conservation Society:
"Just this week President Obama launched an unprecedented anti-poaching campaign, dedicated to the fight against illegal wildlife trafficking. This new $10 million initiative will work to thwart poachers and reduce the insatiable demand for ivory from vulnerable elephants.

With poachers able to sell ivory for thousands of dollars per pound, it's clear that criminal networks have everything to gain from killing wildlife. But countries across Africa have everything to lose from the instability, organized crime, disease, and economic disruption created by poaching.

It's an uphill battle, but I'm so glad to know we have one of the world's most powerful diplomats standing up for elephants, rhinos, and other wildlife driven toward extinction by poaching. We need to make sure President Obama knows folks at home think he's doing the right thing. Will you send him a letter of support?"

Thank President Obama at:
(202) 456-1111,