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NY Times Op Ed Sunday 3/17 "Slaughter of African Elephants"

sharon arnold
penngrove, CA

Mar 25, 2013 — There is growing alarm and urgency to the crisis of poaching of elephants in Africa and Asia. A study just completed concludes that, "... a staggering 62 percent vanished from central Africa between 2002 and 2011, according to a study... just published with 60 other scientists in the journal PLoS One. It was the largest such study ever conducted in the central African forests, where elephants are being poached out of existence..."
As these scientist note, even the behavior of elephants is changing as a result of this catastrophe, for example they won't use roads unguarded by rangers. This animal holocaust must be stopped. Write to your elected representatives - republican or democrat, write to the president, write to CITES, write to the heads of foreign governments, including and especially China where most of the consumers of this blood ivory reside. And please share this petition.

Slaughter of the African Elephants
Slaughter of the African Elephants
THERE is nothing a mother elephant will not do for her infant, but even she cannot protect it from bullets. About a year ago, poachers attacked a family of forest elephants in central Africa. The biologist who witnessed the attack told us that wildlife guards were completely outgunned.