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Article Outlines China's Prominent Role in Elephant, Rhino Deaths

sharon arnold
penngrove, CA

Mar 2, 2013 — To have a basic understanding of how complex and corrupt enforcement of Ivory Trade Ban is, this article in the March 2, 2013 NY Times details what we are up against in trying to stop the bloodshed of these beautiful animals. As with most articles I post, be prepared to be outraged. Turn your outrage into action: be informed, write, educate others, speak out, sign this and other petitions. We can save these species if we act.

An Illicit Trail of African Ivory to China
An Illicit Trail of African Ivory to China
"We call them bloody teeth," said Xing, a furniture maker and ivory trafficker who is part of a shadowy trade that has revived calls for a total international ban on ivory sales.