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President Barack Obama: Restore the civil rights to Hesham Abu Zubaidah and his family in the USA.

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Hesham Mohammed Hussein Abu Zubaydah came to the United States in 1998. Born in Saudi Arabia as a Palestinian he was considered a 2nd Class Citizen, he was whipped on Several occasions by the Religious Police and was tired of the treatment he was receiving. When he arrived here he dreamed of marriage, school, buying a house and being a part of something bigger than him. On September 11,2001 that all changed, a few days after the attacks FBI arrived at his doorstep and took him into custody. It was in Jail he learned that his older brother who left home while Hesham was undergoing Chemotherapy was a Wanted High Value Al Qaeda Operative or as we call him "Abu Zubaydah". After spending 2 years in Jail in Oregon following the attacks with no one knowing who he was or where he was Hesham was placed on life time probation. A few years later he was then recruited by the FBI to become a Informant with the promise of salvaging his ruined life. After years of being under the belt of the FBI he realized that they had used him and lied to him. And tried to break ties with the Agency, which is where we stand today. They have threatened the little freedom this man and his US born wife have on several occasions, they have been to his job just to tell his bosses who he was related to, they have done horrific things that seem to pile up and we are now pleading with President who seems silent on this issue to stop this unnecessary harrassment and restore our rights and just do what is right. Please take a stand for this family and realize that with Agencies like this it isn't a matter of if it will happen to you it is a matter of when.
Bless you all and thank you.

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