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Restore funding to NASA.

NASA has been one of the greatest sources of scientific inspiration for our nation and the entire world. The budget cuts that have been imposed have greatly diminished prospects for future missions to Mars and educational outreach programs. NASA's annual budget is currently about one half of a penny on every tax dollar. In comparison we spend nearly 50 times as much on defense.

It is important to note that we have only been attacked 5 times throughout the entire 236 year history of the United States, and the number of US citizens who have been killed due to foreign threats is only a fraction of those who die every year due to automobile accidents or heart disease. This is a gross disproportion of priorities. The fact is the United States currently ranks only 18th in education, 37th in healthcare, 42nd in life expectancy, and we fall short in countless other rankings.

The United States leads the world in only a hand full of categories. Among these the United States has the highest number of incarcerated citizens per capita and the highest defense budget in the world. Additionally, for the last 43 years the United States has been number one in space exploration. By reducing the budget to NASA we are threatening one of the few good things we've actually done right.

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