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Publicly condemn the GOP war on women.

As an American woman, my civil and human rights are under attack.  The GOP flippantly tosses them around like a political football, and is chomping at the bit to put them on the chopping block.  Every day, the media brings us stories of new anti-woman vitriol from politicians, bloggers and commentators.  Access to gynecological health care services, including life-saving cancer screenings, is under attack.  Personhood amendments threaten to undermine out autonomy and our control over our bodies.  Each day, the attacks are more absurd. All I want is for our President, Barack Obama, to make a statement condemning the Republican war on women, and vowing that he will not stand idly by as they turn back the clock on women's rights.  I want to hear from his mouth that he is an ally, and I want him to implore the GOP to back off the attack on women's rights and focus on the issues that are truly relevant in today's changing world. The GOP's response would be predictably righteous, and not entirely relevant. The relevance lies in the morale-boost and the reassurance that our President cares for American women.  We know President Obama trusts women.  We need him now more than ever to voice our collective outrage and disgust!

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