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Protect the human rights of transgender youth

Without laws in place, our youth will continue to be discriminated against because of their gender identity. Little children like my 7 year old, shouldn't have to fight to use the girls' bathroom. In our society, being part of the girls' room discussions are a huge part of how we are socialized as girls. Please don't allow this discrimination to continue. Make it illegal in the United States of America to:

• refuse to allow a student to attend school and related events and activities because that student is wearing clothes that are too “girlish” or “boyish.” This is true regard¬less of the gender identity or the assigned birth sex of the student.
• compel a student to shave or groom their hair to look more “feminine” or “mas¬• culine.”
• discriminate or harass on the basis of their gender identity.

Examples of harassment include:

• Repeated, deliberate use of pronouns and names that are inconsistent with a student’s gender identity
• Denying appropriate academic support to a student because of their gender identity
• Inappropriate touching
• Insults or remarks about a student’s body parts or about a student’s behavior being too “masculine” or “feminine”
• Asking people inappropriate, unnecessary questions about their gender identity, anatomy, and / or any medical treatment that is related to their gender identity;
• Verbal, sexual, or physical assault because of one’s gender identity.
• called derogatory names at school, such as “dyke”, “faggot,”“it” and “he-she” by both other students • and faculty;
• prevented from using the restroom or locker room that corresponds to their gender identity
• being unable to use any restroom at school because of their gender identity
• beaten up because of their gender identity
• sexually assaulted due to their gender identity
• forced to fight to defend themselves resulting in suspension and/or expulsion
• forced to miss school because of suspensions or skip school because of fear resulting in missed learn¬ing opportunities
• forced to quit school because of their gender identity
• forced to attend psychiatric programs because of their gender identity
• ridiculed and / or punished by teachers for dressing and / or acting too “feminine” or “masculine”
• left with little or no academic support at school by faculty and administration
• left with little or no emotional support at school by faculty and administration;
• given no one they can reach out to for support about their gender identity at school
• made deathly afraid of being “outed” and skipping school as a result.

Our nation's schools must do the following to educate their staff:

• Arrange for transgender awareness training for faculty, staff, and administrators from a qualified community-based trainer.
• Incorporate positive information about transgender issues into curricula.
• Create gender neutral restrooms
• If a student talks to you about their gender identity, listen in a respectful and non-judgmental way.
• Avoid perpetuating gender stereotypes
• Intervene and take action when students use gender-specific terminology to make fun of each other.
• Create gender-neutral and / or mixed gender spaces
• Always refer to transgender and gender nonconforming students appropriately
• Ensure that employment opportunities at your school are open to transgender and gender non conforming people.
• Listen to criticism from transgender, gender nonconforming, and questioning students

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