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Please Don't Permit Religious Contractors to Discriminate

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The Hobby Lobby decision by the Supreme Court opened the doors for religious corporations to try to opt out of treating LGBT people fairly. President Obama, meanwhile, is about to sign an executive order banning discrimination against LGBT people.

14 representatives meanwhile are trying to get Obama to add an exemption to the order to allow government contractors to discriminate against LGBT workers.

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act they cite is anything but. The first ammendment guarantees freedom from religion. It is meant to prevent any religious dogma to be forced on people who do not subscribe to that dogma. It establishes the separation of church and state. The 1994 RFRA is unconstitutional, and unfortunately the Supreme Court ruled in its favor.

The RFRA allows organizations to opt out of laws, including civil rights laws, and human rights laws. Please sign this petition to let President Barack Obama know that giving into a demand to be allowed to discriminate is a fundamental violation of human rights.

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