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Make America smart again!

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America was once renowned for it's visionary free-thinkers. People like Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison. These days, the USA is seen more and more as "The home of the dumb and the land of the ignorant".


It's all thanks to the poisonous horde known collectively as "Rednecks".
These uneducated low-brows are so stupid that they think people like Ted Nugent and Phil Robertson are philosophical giants, so dumb that they vote for mental midgets like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann.

How can this problem be rectified? By a very simple, 3-point plan:

1) Buy Greenland.

"WTF???" I hear you say. The US can afford to buy Greenland. It only has a population of about 40 people or something like that. The government could buy them all condos in Miami. They would love this, Greenland is way too cold. Then the rednecks could all be moved to Greenland. A new constitutional monarchy could be set up in Greenland, with Ted Nugent as King and Sarah Palin as Queen. All residents could be supplied with military-grade automatic weapons. This would ensure there were no problems with over-populating the Island. This brings us to point 2...

2) Remove the 2nd amendment from the U.S. constitution.

How many Sandy Hooks and Columbines do you need to work this no-brainer out? Let's face it, the only people who support keeping the 2nd amendment are whacko NRA members and other camouflage wearing, gun-crazy freaks. These people seem to have only two interests in life, being cruel to anything with four legs, and having sex with close relatives.

3) Rearrange some state borders.

We would ask that you join the state borders of Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and  Montana. This would eliminate the state of Idaho.

Independent scientific research has demonstrated that this one, simple step would raise the collective I.Q. of the USA by at least 33%!

Anyway, have a think about it.

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