Petition update

Help us foment further similar effort via a "People's SuperPAC"!

Jeffrey Colin
Las Cruces, NM

Jul 10, 2012 — Those of us involved in putting this petition together have been developing a SuperPAC to address this, and numerous other issues. It is called Sustainable Vistas, and it is under development by people on the receiving end of GMO Policies, and other destructive policies. It is non-partisan, and focused on results over ideologies. You can see more about this project at the link immediately below. If you would like to donate to our SuperPAC Creation Fund, click this link: We are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to put the power of Citizens United to work for people like YOU, who want to know when you are eating GMO foods, and who care about gaining more control over their lives. Again, check out the link below. Donate if you can! We will continue to do petitions like this! And expect to see even more direct and powerful actions from us! Thanks.


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