Help Andrew Yang meet Barack Obama. #YangObamaBasketball & #MakeAndrewWearTieAgain

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Please help sign this petition and post this info around to help Andrew Yang meet Barack Obama #YangObamaBasketball #MakeAndrewWearTieAgain #LetYangMeetObama


Dear president Obama,
Remember our friend, Andrew Yang?

There is a rather rare video of Andrew wearing a necktie whose job-creating work of Venture for America was recognized by your Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship (PAGE): 

President Obama, only you can convince Andrew to wear a necktie playing basketball with you. Andrew has been so busy applying for your former job position. And Ted Cruz keeps dodging the basketball match with Andrew. Recently since Feb 11, 2020, Andrew is now taking a brief break for his job hunt, so would you check in with Andrew to make sure he will exercise and have some fun? I bet you two will both enjoy a friendly basketball game together (don’t forget the camera crew~), and exchanging some pointers for that presidential job you had for 8 years.

Best wishes,
One of many friends of Andrew Yang
PS. Greetings~ I am a volunteer for 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang who just suspended Feb 11 2020 and we now need your help the most:

Some of Andrew's policies explained (he has over 150 policy proposals):

Andrew's debates and interviews:

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Why help Andrew Yang meet Barack Obama?
Though we know president Obama won't give endorsement just yet, but both Andrew and Obama ,being big basketball fans themselves, will enjoy a friendly basketball workout together, and we all want to see Andrew wear his necktie again meeting Obama in a basketball game, agree?)

Just to lighten the mood: 

Evelyn Yang, wife of Andrew on “Andrew Wears a Tie for Obama” (comments from the people: Yang has no corporate TIEs. Why a TIE, when he’s going to WIN)

“Andrew Yang Plays Ball with NBA All-Star Dominique Wilkins” (Let’s improve mental health - Humanity First)

“3-on-3 with Barack Obama” (basketball game)


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