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Bradley Manning hat sich für die Menschenrechte eingesetzt und wir nun dafür gefangengehalten und seit über 900 Tagen gefoltert und in Einzelhaft gehalten.
Zahlreiche Menschen und Nobelpreisträger plädieren bereits für seine Freilassung.

Letter to
President Barack Obama
Freilassung von Bradley Manning
Stand with Bradley!

manningA 24-year-old Army intelligence analyst, Pfc. Manning faces decades in prison for allegedly leaking a video of a US helicopter attack that killed at least eleven Iraqi civilians to the website Wikileaks. Among the dead were two working Reuters reporters. Two children were also severely wounded in the attack.

In addition to this "Collateral Murder" video, Pfc. Manning is suspected of leaking the "Afghan War Diaries" – tens of thousands of battlefield reports that explicitly describe civilian deaths and cover-ups, corrupt officials, collusion with warlords, and a failing US/NATO war effort.

"We only know these crimes took place because insiders blew the whistle at great personal risk ... Government whistle-blowers are part of a healthy democracy and must be protected from reprisal," noted Barack Obama while on the campaign trail in 2008. While the President was referring to the Bush Administration's use of phone companies to illegally spy on Americans, Pfc. Manning's alleged actions are just as noteworthy. If the military charges against him are accurate, they show that he had a reasonable belief that war crimes were being covered up, and that he took action based on a crisis of conscience.

After nearly a decade of war and occupation waged in our name, it is odd that it apparently fell on a young Army private to provide critical answers to the questions, "What have we purchased with well over a trillion tax dollars and the deaths of hundreds of thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan?” However, history is replete with unlikely heroes.

If Bradley Manning is indeed the source of these materials, the nation owes him our gratitude. We ask Secretary of the Army, the Honorable John M. McHugh, and Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, General Raymond T. Odierno, to release Pfc. Manning from pre-trial confinement and drop the charges against him.


Bradley Manning Support Network Advisory Board members:

Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink: Women for Peace
Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, board member for the National Whistleblower Center
Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Papers whistle blower
Kathleen Gilberd, co-chair of the Military Law Task Force of the National Lawyers Guild
Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst and activist
Robert Meeropol, executive director of the Rosenburg Fund for Children
Michael Moore, documentary filmmaker
Pete Perry, Veterans for Peace activist
Andy Thayer, co-founder of the Gay Liberation Network
Jose Vasquez, executive director of Iraq Veterans against the War
US Army Colonel Ann Wright (ret.), former US State Department official

Bradley Manning Support Network Steering Committee members:

Gerry Condon, national co-chair of the Veterans for Peace GI Resistance Working Group
Bob Meola, member of War Resisters League National Committee
Jeff Paterson, project director of Courage to Resist
Loraine Reitman, privacy advocate
Kevin Zeese, co-founder and executive director, Voters for Peace