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Free Euka Wadlington! Grant his Petition for Sentence Commutation.

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Euka is an inspiration.  

He's helped hundreds of incarcerated men to obtain their GEDs during his time in prison.  He has given the gift of literacy to hundreds of men through the reading programs and courses that he teaches. He tirelessly works alongside his facility's warden to create re-entry programs for soon-to-be-released prisoners that will help them to adjust to daily life outside of prison.  He has started partnerships with local universities that allow students to come play chess with inmates and create meaningful and positive relationships. Euka is a light and a motivator to many.  His unique story and the positivity with which he's approached his current situation must be shared.  His family needs him.  His children need him.  He will be a great benefit to society.  He is the embodiment of grassroots activism--he has nothing to gain from all of the selfless work that he does.  Euka is living the change that he wants to see in the system.  

Euka Wadlington has been unjustly incarcerated since February 12, 1999.  

Euka caught the attention of federal investigators by promoting and popularizing one of the first nightclubs catering the black community in Clinton, Iowa. Although no drugs were ever seized during raids and surveillance of the club never revealed any indication of drug activity, Euka remained a target of investigation as federal agents desperately tried to put a face on a large cocaine ring in Clinton, Iowa.

The government worked with Flame, an admitted cocaine and meth dealer (seeking a deal to avoid incarceration), to try to catch Euka. For months Flame tried to get Euka to help him sell drugs and Euka refused. Finally fed up with Flame's harassment, Euka agreed to meet with him to talk about a different idea for making money. Flame lured Euka to a hotel where Euka was arrested by Federal agents. He had NO cocaine on his person and less than $3 in his pocket. Euka was charged with an open-ended conspiracy to deliver cocaine. NO drugs, guns, large amounts of cash or other indicia of drug dealing were EVER seized from Euka.

The government built a case against Euka by offering other known drug dealers leniency in exchange for their testimonies. During the first interview of many witnesses, they told agents they had NO knowledge of Euka's drug activities, but would later change their stories at the government's insistence. At trial, the government's cooperating witnesses testified that Euka was at the center of a huge crack-cocaine operation in Clinton, Iowa.

Euka was convicted on three counts of drug conspiracy, a non-violent offense, and sentenced to life in prison, due to two state drug convictions from when he was a teenager.

After the trial, numerous admitted members of the actual cocaine conspiracy came forward and gave sworn statements that Euka Wadlington was NOT at the center of the cocaine operation in Clinton. In fact, he was NOT EVEN A MEMBER. Several key government witnesses came forward and admitted that they had LIED and been COERCED into giving false testimony in order to avoid facing life sentences.

With this new evidence, Euka presented a habeas petition to his trial judge. It was summarily dismissed and the judge even refused to hold hearings to listen to the new witness statements. In November 2005, the Federal Appellate for the Eighth Circuit dismissed Euka’s appeal and in 2007 the Supreme Court refused to hear his case, ending his last hope that he will ever live again as a free man.

Until now. President Barack Obama has the power and authority to grant Euka Wadlignton's Petition for Sentence Commutation. Share Euka's story with your family and friends. Urge President Obama to commute Euka's sentence by taking a moment to sign the petition on this site. Help finally bring justice to an utter miscarraige of the US legal system and help set free Euka Wadlington.

Together, we must Free Euka Wadlington.  


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