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Eric Sims, Memphis underground artist stereotyped in trial & unlawfully sentenced to life

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In august of 2013 my brother,Eric Sims was indicted on numerous first degree murder and weapons charges. In trial he was labeled as an "OOG Piru Blood Gang Kingpin".Prosecutors unlawful stereotyped him to jurors with no evidence as being a leader of all Piru Bloods in Memphis,Tennessee. Prosecutors also used active gang members with pending "FelonyCharges" and were involved in the crime to convict Sims. Other witnesses and victims which were affiliated with the opposing street gang;Crips, testified that Sims was never present at the crime scene but other Piru gang members were. Prosecutors stressed to the jury that since Sims was a known gang leader in the city of Memphis, even if Sims WASN'T the shooter , he is still criminally responsibile.! The judge and jury disregarded numerous alibi's saying Sims was else where during the time of the crime as well as victims pointing out other individuals as the shooters. The jury found my brother guilty and the judge sentenced my brother (Sims) to 186 years plus 51 CONSECUTIVELY. Eric Sims has five kids with a host of family and friends waiting on his return. Sims is currently awaiting for his paper work to be processed, to appeal his sentencing and to get his FAIR day back in court.! My brother is not perfect for he has made mistakes, but just because my brother has had a criminally past DOES NOT  MEAN THAT HE IS GUILTY.! Please help my brother get his freedom back by signing this petition so President Barack Obama can grant him his clemency. Thanks!

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