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Petitioning President Barack Obama

End all foreign aid and military support for the nation of Uganda.

Uganda is a repressive state funded heavily by foreign aid and US military support. The government of Uganda is in the process of passing legislation to strip gay people of their rights. It will subject individuals to prison sentences merely for supporting the rights of gay people. As it currently stands the law allows the execution of gay people under certain circumstances as well.

Letter to
President Barack Obama
The nation of Uganda is an authoritarian regime, which relies heavily upon US foreign aid and military aid to stay in power. This regime is now passing legislation that would make homosexuality punishable by death. In addition, penalties such as this, would apply to those who fail to turn homosexuals over to the police for prosecution, or those who support the rights of gay people. American tax funds are supporting this government. We respectfully request that United States end all military support and foreign aid to Uganda. We request that US troops stationed in Uganda be removed immediately.

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