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We pray by the power of business i enforce Titus 2:14 in all scripture sentences.

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MY BATTLE FOR JUSTICE, FREEDOM AND ANTIDIVISION FOR ALL MY FAMILY BACK TOGETHER; MY TRUE STORY HOW OMISSION AND NEGLIGENCE EFFECTED FOR WE ARE ANTIOMMISION AND ANTINEGLIGENCE   JERUSALEM (LISA) MARIE’S TRUE STORY TO FREEDOM FOR OUR NATION AND NATIONS   I’m a teenage mother of one child. My plans as a mother since I became pregnant, was and is set to save and keep my child, continue school to graduate and show that no matter what a teen parent can make it through being a mother. My plans for school was and is positive minded, successful and can do attitude. I became a varsity cheerleader since the summer of 2004. In the beginning of my 2005 senior year, I met in Student Council meetings with my graduating class and had plans to stay involved in Student Council. I had plans to become Valedictorian.I was perfectly involved, with Lakewood Church as a member, attending every weekend with my child, and my child's father. I had my family together; not divided. I have a child and family, who need me more, than to be confronted with marijuana, ecstasy and many drugs while enrolled into HISD District.  I never did any drugs nor didn’t do any during and after the birth of my baby. My intentions were never seeking drugs nor to deceive. I never got into fights nor trouble at high school. Below is my story to Justice and freedom for my family and child back.   It's not fair for Jesus, babies, children, myself, enrolled student at School, mother or father to become any slave to sin or victim of darkness, homeless, a victim because of another student’s misuse of drugs or adult intentions to deceive against Righteous, Pure and Holy living; selling drugs (including the criminal negligence and omission from Stephen F. Austin High School Administration officials, which failed to apply the Code of Student Conduct (Acts of misconduct of offenses to a student selling drugs), Houston Police Department; which didn’t correct the misuse of drugs, drug cars and the drug houses),the Harris County District Criminal Judges jurisdicting not taking the Health and Safety Code serious for all students at Stephen F. Austin High School and the force that comes from the U.S Department of Justice. In addition to the awareness of the freedom that was taken letting the student back into Stephen F. Austin High School. Our freedom was taken and that is not what Jesus did for us all. Jesus purchased freedom for us all, by giving his life for everyone - 1 Timothy 2:6. He gave his life to free us Titus 2:14. Wouldn’t know for how many years this has been going on to keep in mind? The misuse of drugs didn’t stop, not even after graduation in 2006.    In my senior year at Stephen F. Austin High School, Administration at Stephen F. Austin High School did nothing to expel nor transfer to alternative school, a student who was selling and misusing drugs all while on probation. Which resulted in out of compliance with the Code of Student Conduct (Acts of misconduct of offenses); neglecting to protect enrolled students from crime. Houston Police Department didn't correct him enough to stop and prevent him before I or any student he came across with misuse of drugs, evil spirit and a daring attitude walking winning in Lord our God’s Hate; doing evil things and continued selling and misusing and offering drugs to me and other students. James 4:17.   Myself and another student was actually at the Probation office at one point, while the drug dealer had blue wood; sold at Canal Street, Houston, Texas to wash his system out before testing for drugs to result in a clean drug-free test result. The drug dealer walked out the Probation Office a free-adult and he had marijuana and other drugs ready for that day and weekend.   Myself (during the year 2005-2006) and many other students at Stephen F. Austin High School became a victim of drugs and evil; a slave of sin, lacked regular night time residence, stabilized to sin and a victim. Seen many drugs; marijuana, bars, ecstasy, purple syrup, a gun weapon and tools used for controlled substances sold at sinful places (smoke shops) and a lot of crime being done involving the drug dealer, misusing and selling drugs from his house, in connections with other Drug Dealers and a gun weapon and the sin in places like never before; such as astray’s of omission and negligence to Night Clubs, Night Bars, 420 - Smoke Shops and Strip Clubs. Drunkenness and crime, in which started during Middle School. Which caused False-Teaching 2 Peter 2, separation from Lord our God, public and personal problems in holiness and honor and division among my child and family. Things i never knew of involving ecstasy, purple syrup, bars and many names of marijuana. All because of HISD, Stephen F. Austin High School Administration, Houston Police Department, City Counsel, and the Harris County District Criminal Judges jurisdicting not taking the Health and Safety Code serious for all students and citizens. They ignored and neglected us.  The true and evident fact that a enrolled student was selling and misusing drugs all while still on probation, which caused problems for me during my Senior High School year which was ruined. I didn't knew nor did any of ecstasy, purple syrup, bars, cocain drugs and many names of marijuana that HISD, Stephen F. Austin High School Administration, Houston Police Department, City Counsel, and the Harris County District Criminal Judges jurisdicting not taking the Health and Safety Code serious for all children, students and citizens. James 4:17 This is serious, please help and stay with me to get Justice and our families back.   It started in the summer of 2005 to, when the drug dealer brought marijuana at the 2005 Labor Day weekend at Galveston Island, beach at my family and friends beach get-together. The drug dealer brought problems to my life, spiritually and physically; even to my whole family. I am still fighting for my child, family and my life back. I am thankful my family, my child and myself have more than survived through. Crime is Evil; God hates evil plots. Which causes Sin; please help prevent the evil and sin, please help encourage and promote Righteous, Pure and Holy living just as God wants for us.       sinful (comparative more sinful, superlative most sinful)   Full of sin; wicked; iniquitous; unholy. Containing or consisting in sin; contrary to the will of a god, goddess, gods and/or goddesses. Of or relating to sin; sinny. Morally wrong. Evil.   Reference:       This is important because as a mother, i have a child and a family. I have truth and it hurts that Sin in our City, State, Nation and Nations has not ended; like Sin in places, Sinful Music, Songs, Sinful Movies and drugs. Christ Jesus died once for all time in Hebrews 9:28, broke the power of Sin in Romans 6:10 and destroyed the works of the Devil in 1 John 3:8.   Why the sin in places; including houses where drugs are misused and sold. Crime, sin and transgression are still open for business and offered uneven during school. There is no excuse not to close-off the Sin in Places. It’s not fair nor right that there was Criminal Negligence and Omission from HISD, Stephen F. Austin High School Administration, Houston Police Department and Harris County District Courts to ignore and cause an overlap of dementia. Babies, children, students and adults became lifeless instruments from criminal neglect, ommision and the Intentions to deceive from the Enrolled Stephen F. Austin High School Student- Drug Dealer who was still on Probation and adults which has been causing devil attacks, and devil plots resulting in where i find False Reports- §153.013 from the Texas Family Code and §261.107; in the same Chapter from the Texas Family Code with §261.001(1)(c), under §71.004, §71.005 of the Texas Family Code from using the sequence of attempt not accurate in § 22.01 (b)(2)(B)  from the Texas Penal Code which caused separation between me, my child and family for more than 5 years. Thankfully, myself, my child and most of my family have survived through alive. It’s not fair to suffer the consequences of another person. It’s not fair to suffer for never selling drugs nor for living with a person who was set to sell drugs. It's unfair and unright to suffer the opposed, opposing, oppose intentions against biblical way of living for My Christ Parents Beulah who are our Old Testament and New Testament.   This is my true life story that has effected, me, my child and family spiritually and physically for almost nearly more than 9 years until Justice to be served having our family peace, no division and my Physical legal Custody rights back to my child, under Common Law and Texas Family Code, in the 311th Judicial District Family Court, Harris County, Texas along with the close-off of the sin in places, songs, music, and movies from President Barack Obama and the Elected Officials whom given authority to teams that will close-off the evil. Sin in places are not safe and having them built on the ground of Christ is not fair for us. It is criminal activity that in some places are open 24 hours a day. I didn’t and don’t win walking with mistakes in Lord our God’s Hate, after what the drug dealer brought across my life; involving evil, which are drugs, crime, outlaw attitude, sin in places, sinful music; songs and sinful movies, but did survive through with my child and most of my family alive.   We live to please God. Pleasing God is his will for us all, to live Holy in 1 Thessalonians 4:3. Sin in places, sinful music; songs, and sinful movies don’t help people to live according to the will and want of God. Please help me, my family and my supporters who signed this Petition, by closing – off/shutting down the sin in places, and ending the sinful music; songs, and sinful movies. This way we all live a long life in the will and want of God with our children and families together.

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