Petition Update

Message from Mattie's mom -- wow! 5,000 and counting!

Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation

Jun 29, 2014 — Hello friends,

Thank you so much for signing the petition asking President Obama to declare July 17 Mattie J.T. Stepanek Peace Day. We currently have the support of a former president, a growing number of politicians and national organizations, and 5,000 amazing citizens -- like YOU!

---> On July 14, the Mayor and City Council of Rockville, Maryland will proclaim July 17 "Mattie J.T. Stepanek Peace Day" for local citizens. They will also be inviting media to witness their proclamation, and their choice to publicly sign this petition during their meeting. What a great example of how person-by-person and community-by-community, we can move this forward.

---> If you have reached out to local politicians or celebrities, or if your family, community, business, or organization has something to share about how you are moving this Campaign forward, please let me know so we can celebrate the update and good news on Mattie's website.

---> We have made a great start, but there is still much to do on our journey to a national peace day. So I am asking each of you who have already made a difference for the give of a favor: PLEASE REACH OUT TO 5-10 others (family, friends, co-workers, etc) and encourage them to sign this Petition.

---> If each of YOU brings in 5-10 MORE INDIVIDUALS, within days we will have 25,000 to 50,000 signers and quickly closer to our goal. It is that simple. One person can make a difference, but it is together that we create change. Take 10 minutes for peace this week, and recruit 10 more people who want to mark their names in history. Let's make peace the news!

TOOLS to help you move this forward:
---> I have created a brief 2-page "Responses to Your Top-Ten Questions" about this Campaign (Who is Mattie? Why does a national peace day matter? Why is it linked to Mattie? and more). CLICK HERE to download:

---> There are a number of other materials that may also be useful (Campaign photos, a 2-minute video link, "Ready-to-Sign" downloadable letter for your local politicians and more -- CLICK HERE:

---> I will soon begin posting your Petition comments on Mattie's website (, along with any other news about your work towards our national peace day. Please keep me posted on your efforts here:

---> I try to only send updates once in a while, because I respect that we are all busy and our inboxes are full of notes from many good people and groups. If you do not want to receive future updates, please be sure to "opt-out" on the website.

---> We are creating a short documentary on Mattie's life, legacy, and the peace day journey. Information about how you can be involved in this will be posted on Mattie's website in the near future.

MANY THANKS, and with much peace,
Jeni Stepanek ("Mattie's mom").