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President Barack Obama: Declare a state of emergency

It has been 21 years since Americas' peak in homicide. Yet Americas' boys and young men, especially our Blacks' and Latinos' are still being killed and killing each other at alarming rates. President Obama put a great emphasis on gay marriage, immigration, and even abortion but barely made a peep about the continuous violence going on in this country between our young men. While he continues to fuel wars overseas, there is an ongoing war in our American ghettos'. Why do they have instant access to illegal guns? Why aren't they being appropriately diagnosed with the same ailments as the U.S. soldiers coming home, when they are enduring the same conditions? Would he notice if the murders took place on Pennsylvania Ave, Washington D.C., instead of 10 minutes over the bridge in Ward 8? Or is it because the news says it isn't a hot topic? A leader is pro-active. How long will it take the President to acknowledge the extreme adversity the future of America has to endure? I woke up on January 1, 2013, to a news article stating 11 people were shot in Chicago alone. How can the President sleep at night knowing the "greatest country" is undergoing the same violence as some 3rd world countries? The focus needs to be on illegal gun trafficking and non-discriminate diagnosing on American youth. I propose President Obama declare a state of emergency for the constant violence taking place on American soil.

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