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President Barack Obama & Congress:Protect our Children, assign armed police officer to EVERY school in the US

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, as well as the countless others, the Government of the United States needs to take action now.  Our children and educators deserve to FEEL and BE safe when in school! Our government needs to make it law that an armed police officer be assigned to EVERY school across our nation, just as it does in every County Office. We CANNOT wait for society to change & respect human life or for politicians to argue over tougher gun laws. Unfortunately, gun laws don't stop criminals from obtaining guns off the streets. We need to PROTECT OUR CHILDREN NOW!! How many more school shootings do we need to watch? How many more children need to die? Our children in America deserve to feel safe and secure in school. We CANNOT sit back and watch this continue to happen across our nation. Show the children in the US that they are just as important and protected as any elected official or county office.  Let this law be named and in Honor of all the children and staff that died at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Let their deaths help save other children and teachers from the same tragedy in the future.

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