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Keep medicine safe! Make clear federal compounding pharmacy oversight laws

My mother, Karina Baxter, and 63 other people have been killed by tainted medication they received for pain management, believing it was safe and FDA regulated. This medicine was made by a poorly regulated compounding pharmacy, New England Compounding Center (NECC). Current laws regarding compounding pharmacies are unclear and allow facilities to slip past state and federal oversight meant to keep medicine safe. Conflicts and confusion in the state and federal roles of compounding pharmacy oversight helped lead to the fungal meningitis outbreak, and resulted in the in the preventable suffering and death of people who trusted their government to keep them safe. We need to create and pass comprehensive legislation regarding the regulation and inspection of compounding pharmacies. This legislation should include clear and specific roles and rules for oversight by both state and federal authorities, including the FDA, as well as a mandate for unannounced inspections of compounding facilities. Patients receiving any medicine that is not FDA approved should also be required to be notified of this fact. This legislation is necessary to prevent other people and their families from suffering a tragedy such as the fungal meningitis outbreak.

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