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Set gun control laws to prohibit guns on campus

This petition aims to have the U.S.government set new effective gun control laws to prohibit guns on campus and reduce the campus gun violence. I am a student in college, I hope school could provide a safe and peaceful environment for students. However, campus shooting events are becoming nightmares in the U.S.. 2007, Virginia Tech shooting; 2008, Northern Illinois University shooting; 2012, Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting; 2013, Lone Star College shooting. Those events show that many students were murdered by guns, school is becoming a dangerous place now. Parents are afraid of sending their children to school; students are worried about being hurt by guns on campus. Therefore, allowing guns on campus could not make campuses security; instead, it will have the opposite effect and lead to more campus gun violence. I learned impulsive behavior from my HTEC 50 Introduction to health technology Course, the course says that young students are likely to have impulsive behavior, because they are not mature enough to control their emotions well and think about the consequences of the events carefully. Some gun-owning college students are likely to do dangerous things especially after alcohol effect, their original purpose might not be deliberate attempts, but they could shoot people just because of arguments. Take Lone Star College shooting event as an example, it happened just because two young male students were involved in an argument which ended when one student shot the other student by a gun. Thus guns available in these heated moments could increase the incidents of injury and the death. In addition, some intruders who carry guns could enter the campus without any security check. Guns on campus leads to more and more deaths and injuries. People do not want such tragedies frequently occurs around them. Therefore, I appreciate if the government could prohibit guns on campus and give students a safe environment without any gun threat.

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