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Please grant Raffaele Sollecito of Italy Emergency USA citizenship and asylum, so he does not have to appear in court for a murder retrial in Rome in ten days, and can't ever be extradited. Innocent.

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We, the undersigned, respectfully request that the U.S. government grant Raffaele Sollecito of Italy emergency citizenship of the United States of America, under the principle of emergency “right of asylum”, which is the most important and respected principle of both American immigration and International law.  Under the honored international principle of “non-refoulement,” a victim of persecution cannot be returned to their home, persecuting nation.  Furthermore, according to the UNHCR (the U.N. Refugee Agency), the U.S.A. grants first priority to those “persons facing compelling security concerns in countries of first asylum [and] persons in need of legal protection because of the danger of refoulement..” ... “Non-refoulement is a principle of the international law, i.e. of customary and trucial Law of Nations which forbids the rendering of a true victim of persecution to their persecutor; persecutor generally referring to a state-actor (country/government).” (


There is no question that Raffaele Sollecito is in danger of going to jail for life if he returns to his home nation of Italy, for trial for murder in ten days. He, along with his American girlfriend (at the time), Amanda Knox of Seattle, Washington, were arrested, tried, and convicted of a rape and murder that they obviously didn’t commit, fueled by an avalanche of lies in the media, fed by the prosecutor and police in Perugia, Italy.


That they did not commit the rape and murder is not in dispute, according to the evidence, the appeals court jury (which included both judges and average citizens of Perugia, Italy), and the special report to the appeals court prepared by an independent investigator, as well as according to retired FBI agent Stephen Moore, who worked tirelessly (and for free) to free Raffaele and Amanda after independently evaluating the plentiful forensic evidence, without any motive or predisposition. The forensic evidence is incontrovertible: in a vicious rape and murder, there was no forensic evidence of their involvement in any crime (not one drop of blood, etc.) in a crime scene soaked in the blood of the victim (Amanda’s suite-mate Meredith Kercher) and the blood, handprint, and other large quantities of D.N.A. of the true murderer, Rude Guede. Amanda and Raffaele were not even in the house at the time: they were miles away in Raffaele’s apartment, enjoying a romantic evening together, having only met and started their romance a week earlier.


Having been exonerated almost two years ago (Sept., 2011) by the jury of the Appeals Court of Perugia, Italy, Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito just want to get back to their lives. However, the Italian Supreme Court is making that impossible. Even though the Appeals Court found them “not guilty” of any crime, and there is no evidence (of any objective credibility, or that would ever hold up in an American court or extradition hearing) connecting them to the crime, the Italian Supreme Court has decided to rehear the evidence, trying them again for a horrendous rape and murder in which they definitely and demonstrably played no role.  Given that the “evidence” against them is so un-credible and obviously pure lies based on horrendous science and destruction of the crime scene, the decision of the Italian Supreme Court to rehear the case is not only shocking, but extremely troubling.


As the judges have somehow concluded that there is credible evidence to rehear the case, despite the extremely obvious fact that there is not, then there is certainly the possibility that they could find Amanda and Raffaele guilty again, despite the fact they are definitely innocent. (For full details of the case, please go to the website, and read Raffaele’s book ”Honor Bound” and Amanda’s book, ”Waiting to be Heard”, both of which go into indisputable and shocking detail of their evidence of innocence, and years of suffering at the hands of the Italian prosecutor and courts).  Suffice it to say, Raffaele and Amanda were at Raffaele’s home, miles away from Meredith as she was being raped and murdered by Rude Guede, and had absolutely nothing to do with the crime.  Any evidence that they were there was proved by the Appeals Court to be pure lies or garbage forensic evidence.  None of that evidence would survive an American court for five minutes, nor would it even be brought to an American court by a prosecutor.


Furthermore, in an American extradition hearing (which would adhere to American legal standards of evidence), the case against them would also be thrown out in five minutes, according to former FBI agent Stephen Moore, who worked tirelessly for no money for their freedom after his wife Michelle discovered their horrendous predicament and asked him to examine their case out of pure benevolence.  Amanda is in no danger right now: She is back home in America, and as previously mentioned, America would never extradite her to face trial in Italy again, given the complete dearth of evidence against them.


However: Raffaele is in grave danger of being found guilty, despite having to spend all his money for the best defense money can buy. (To contribute to his defense fund, which he has started to cover his legal expenses which exceed his net worth and income, please go to, to donate. Thank you!) ... Raffaele is currently in the United States, looking for work in his chosen field of expertise that he has studied his whole life: Computer Science and Computer Programming.  Raffaele would love to spend his life living and working in the United States, a country which he both loves and trusts more than any other to protect his freedom in these perilous times.  Raffaele is a gifted programmer, and will one day do great things for humanity through computers, and many other ways.  It is certainly in the U.S.A.’s and world’s interest that the U.S.A. give him a home to be safe and accomplish great strides for humanity, as opposed to spending the rest of his life like a pathetic animal, caged and abused like a criminal, despite his exceedingly obvious innocence.  If anyone is innocent beyond any reasonable doubt, Amanda and Raffaele are innocent, of any crime.  All they did was fall in love, then fall into a rabbit hole of false accusations, jail, suffering, abuse, depression, and a legal battle for their freedom.


Raffaele and Amanda have already spent four long, painful years sweltering in an Italian prison for horrific crimes they did not commit. America has welcomed Amanda home, and would never extradite her, given our legal standards of evidence. (For instance, the supposedly incriminating DNA samples presented in Italian courts were both so insufficient and clumsily gained and kept that they would never have been admitted in an American court.  The only prosecution “witness” -who never claimed to have seen the crime, but just placed them in the vicinity on that night - crumbled under cross-examination, revealing either confusion or lies, not witnessing them nearby as originally proffered by the prosecutors.)


Not to mention, Amanda really loved her suite-mate Meredith, and Raffaele had only met Meredith briefly. Neither had met the murderer Rude Guede, a local drug dealer and thief on an escalating armed-robbery spree, for more than a few seconds. (Curiously, Rude Guede had been released without charges every time he was caught prior to murdering Meredith, even with and a knife and computer stolen from a Perugia law-firm, just a week earlier when he was fortuitously caught at night robbing a pre-school in Rome!) Et-cetera.

What is especially troubling, and reveals that Mr. Sollecito is in grave danger of conviction despite his innocence and overwhelming evidence of such, is that the Italian Supreme Court, in deciding to hear the prosecutor’s appeal of innocence and retrial on parts of the evidence, relied on the debunked theory of a Satanically-inspired orgy and “sex game gone wrong.” ( ” 


The judges said the appeal had to be annulled "due to the multiple shortcomings, contradictory events and manifest lack of logical reasoning."” - abc news.)  Even the misguided prosecutor Mignini abandoned the orgy theory after it was exposed in court by the defense to be lies, changing his prosecution to be that that they maybe had no motive to murder Meredith on Halloween night.


That the Italian Supreme Court would cite the insane false theory of a “Satanic sex game gone wrong” despite overwhelming forensic evidence pointing to one and only one murderer, Rude Guede, is grounds to question the whole re-trial. Furthermore, basic American standards of fair trial bar retrial once a defendant is found “not guilty”. Italy has no such Constitutional guarantee against “double jeopardy”, which is why they will be retried soon, costing each of them and their families millions more dollars and years of worry, at the very least. Furthermore, if re-convicted under Italian law, each would owe Meredith Kercher’s family millions of dollars in “restitution” fines, and Amanda’s family would presumably be re-prosecuted for slander against the Italian prosecutor, facing jail and fines themselves, if they ever travel to Italy or even to a 3rd country that extradited them to Italy!


Before we conclude, let’s first re-examine the facts of this case for a moment. Amanda and Raffaele, as previously mentioned, spent the evening that Meredith was murdered at Raffaele’s home. When they went to her home in the morning, they found Meredith’s door locked and saw drops of blood, and immediately called the police. Upon arriving, the police broke down her locked door and found Meredith dead under a blanket, having been raped and stabbed with a knife many times. Even though the outside window was broken, with glass sprayed inside the apartment, the police investigating the crime jumped to the outlandish conclusion that the glass had been broken from the inside to try to look like a robbery.  Why did the police jump to the conclusion that Raffaele and Amanda were at all responsible?  They saw the couple kissing during a private moment soon after they discovered Meredith’s dead body, and jumped to the crazy assumption that Raffaele and Amanda were not upset by Meredith’s murder, and thus must have killed her. (This despite the obvious fact that if they had been guilty, they would have been acting to be more upset than they did!)  Basically, the police and prosecutor decided that Raffaele and Amanda did not exhibit sufficient sadness, and thus must be guilty.  As Prosecutor Mignini said during a damning interview with CNN’s Drew Griffon on AC360, he “looked into Amanda’s eyes and knew she was guilty”.


Yes, according to the chief prosecutor Mignini, this whole debacle was caused when he looked into Amanda’s eyes, and decided that he saw evil, instead of love. This despite the fact that all he really saw in her eyes was the fact that she was angry he would ever dream that she had committed the crime, much less suspect that she was guilty of murder. If anyone could face trial and possible life in jail for looking at prosecutor Mignini with fury and hate, then billions of innocent people would be behind bars in Italy right now.  Amanda and Raffaele should not have to defend themselves again, for years, and face prison, while going bankrupt, for committing a murder they so obviously did not do.


As previously mentioned, Amanda is safe in the U.S.A., as our nation would never extradite her if she is convicted again of murder, as the evidence in this trial would be extremely insufficient to bring an American prosecution, much less a conviction.  (She does not have to appear in Italian court for the retrial.)  


However, Raffaele is in grave danger if he returns to Italy from the United States, where he currently is residing and looking for work. He is an upstanding young man, who has just graduated with a degree in Computer Science after decades of hard work studying and perfecting his craft.  And he is eager to build a new life, free of persecution and prosecution, in America.


And make no mistake about it: the only reason Amanda Knox is alive today is because she met Raffaele Sollecito a week before Meredith Kercher was murdered.  If she had not met Raffaele, Amanda would probably have been home in her apartment when Rude Guede broke in, and probably would have been raped and murdered by him that night, as well.  


Raffaele, through his love for Amanda, saved her life that horrible night.  The least we can do to thank him, as a loving and grateful nation, is to return the favor and save his.


“The New Colossus”, by Emma Lazarus (1883), is engraved on the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island, New York welcoming tormented immigrants from around the world safety and freedom in the United States. It reads:


“Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,

With conquering limbs astride from land to land;

Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand

A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame

Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name

Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand

Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command

The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.”

"Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she

With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"


We should honor the persecuted immigrants who founded America, and offer Raffaele a safe haven from the Italian courts for a crime of which he has already been exonerated.  Please grant him citizenship immediately.  His trial starts in ten days.  Please save Raffaele’s freedom. 


Thank you. Signed:


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