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600 Signatures reached

Nation of Islam

Mar 3, 2013 — In less than 48 hours we reached 600 signatures, so thank you so much. Our goal is 100,000 signatures. Let us show support for each of these great men and force the government to “come clean.” We are divided not because we don’t love each other, but someone has come between us spreading lies. Our enemy’s greatest weapon is not his guns but his deceit. Let us show him that we are united to demand the truth. Email,” tweet”, “facebook” and even call at least 100 of your friends and family and ask them to sign this petition. For more information on the Malcolm X assassination go to

Thank you.

FBI COINTELPRO and The Murder of Malcolm X
FBI COINTELPRO and The Murder of Malcolm X
Articles, links and documents regarding the FBI COINTELPRO role in the murder of Malcolm X and targeting of the Nation of Islam.