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Abolish the Death Penalty

*From 1973 to 2011 at least 11% of inmates executed were later found to be innocent
*At least 75% lived in foster care or were homeless as children or teens
*Over 85% were abused as children
*Many have mental retardation
*Many are mentally ill
*Less than 40% have DNA evidence used in their trial or post trial
*99% come from poverty
*99% could not afford their own lawyer, and were given horrible lawyers
*Trials are botched with: snitch testimony (prisoners lying for lighter sentences), false testimony, prejudice, lack of DNA evidence, a hurried trial, and more
*At least 50% of jury members decide on the punishment at the beginning of the trial
*The death penalty costs an enormous amount more of tax dollars than life in prison
*It does not bring closure.

*A death penalty trial in Kansas costs 16x's more than a life imprisonment trial. The death penalty is extremely expensive, far more than life imprisonment in any state.

*If California abolished the death penalty, annual prison costs would go from $139 million to $11.5 million!





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